Our Fence Panels

We offer a wide selection of fence panels suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects. Our fence panel range comprises of a selection of different heights and styles ranging from traditional waney edge fencing to contemporary decorative fence panels with or without incorporated trellis sections. The colour will vary depending on how dry or wet the wood is.

Lap Panel

A great value, traditional dip-treated garden panel.  The horizontal, waney edged boards overlap are secured in place by a perimeter frame which creates a sturdy and robust construction.  The rough sawn timber finished panel provides an attractive backdrop for your plants and creates private and secure fencing for your garden boundary.

Slatted Panel.jpg

Slatted Panel

A heavyweight fence panel that combines a contemporary design with strength; making this the perfect fence for the modern garden. This substantial pressure treated panel is double sided and uses horizontal boards offering maximum privacy..


Closeboard Panel

Closeboard Fence Panel is a strong, sturdy and secure panel as it is constructed with thick, overlapping, square cut boards that are arranged vertically and secured by a perimeter frame.  They are reinforced further with two horizontal battens across the back and finished with a profiled panel cap making this panel more robust than lap panels.  It is therefore perfect for privacy and security along garden boundaries.


Bristol Panel

A decorative Fence Panel that has a combination of great looks and excellent build quality and is one of the most popular decorative fence panels in the UK.  With smooth-planed, grooved profile boards that are arranged horizontally to either side of mounting battens creating a staggered pattern with elegant lines. The quality rebated frame features an attractive integrated curved trellis and heavy duty mortise and tenon joints to ensure this is a secure panel.  With all of these features this fence panel will transform the look of your garden whether it is used for partitioning or securing garden boundaries.


V Panel Curved

 A decorative Fence Panel that has an attractive chevron design that is created by mounting smooth-planed and grooved profile timber boards diagonally across the panel and finishing with a domed top frame.  Manufactured with heavy duty mortise and tenon jointed framework for increased strength, this robust fence panel is ideal for partitioning or where privacy and security are important.